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Welcome to the Uniontown Poultry Association!

This website is the virtual home of the Uniontown Poultry and Farm Products Association.   We are a diverse group including people from all ages and backgrounds. Our fundamental objectives are to encourage the breeding and exhibiting of all varieties of poultry, to foster friendliness and good fellowship among its members,and to supply helpful and authentic information to all seeking advice.  

Some of our members breed and show exhibition quality poultry, waterfowl, turkey, pigeons, ginueas, and rabbits, other just have some hens in the backyard for eggs, and still others raise alternative livestock such as peafowls and pheasants. 

Contact us about your interest in joining our association and we will forward you an application!

Association Officers

Election of officers was held February 10th, 2013. The following people have accepted the responsibility for doing business on behalf of the Association. 


Steve Stanish, President

Larry Daugherty, Vice President

Krista Martin, Secretary

Liesa Stiller, Treasurer


Be sure to offer congratulations when you see them!!

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